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Pioneer Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Crankset Power Meter


Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Crankset Power Meter

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Pioneer Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Crankset Power Meter

Pioneer's full crankset power meters are simply some of the best power-monitoring systems on the planet. The Pioneer Shimano Dura Ace 9000 crankset is your chance to ride the same technology used by the world's best riders, ensconced in one of the most aesthetically pleasing cranksets ever created. Pioneer's created the first, and only, power meter that measures power output and pedaling stroke efficiency for each individual leg, in real time, allowing you to analyze and adjust your technique on the fly. At the heart of the Pioneer Power Meter System are two streamlined strain gauge monitors that detect the slightest tangent and radial-force direction as power is applied to the crank arms. This proprietary system detects the amount and direction of force at 12 different points in each pedaling stroke for each leg, letting you fine-tune your pedaling to find race-winning form. With advanced technology accurate to +/- 2%, ANT+ transmitting, and active temperature compensation, the Pioneer power meter is perfect for any cyclist. Additionally, installation is fast, simple, and clean with zero wires, magnets, or zip ties.

Features and Information

Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number
165mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00012562908854 SGY90-5339-165
165mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset)
165mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset) 00012562908717 SGY90-5034-165
167.5mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00012562908861 SGY90-5339-1675
167.5mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset)
167.5mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset) 00012562908724 SGY90-5034-1675
170mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00012562908878 SGY90-5339-170
170mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset) 00012562908809 SGY90-5236-170
170mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset) 00012562908731 SGY90-5034-170
172.5mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00125629088793 SGY90-5339-1725
172.5mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset) 00012562908816 SGY90-5236-1725
172.5mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset) 00012562908748 SGY90-5034-1725
175mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00012562908892 SGY90-5339-175
175mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset) 00012562908823 SGY90-5236-175
175mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset) 00012562908755 SGY90-5034-175
177.5mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) SGY90-5339-1775
177.5mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset)
177.5mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset)
180mm / Power Meter (Standard 53/39 crankset) 00012562908915 SGY90-5339-180
180mm / Power Meter (Mid-Compact 52/36 crankset)
180mm / Power Meter (Compact 50/34 crankset)

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