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Lazer Sport Z1 MIPS Helmet

Lazer Sport

Z1 MIPS Helmet


Lazer Sport Z1 MIPS Helmet

Think about your current helmet; now imagine it lighter, with a more comfortable fit system, better ventilation, and improved side impact protection. That is what the Lazer Z1 offers. Building on a long tradition of innovation, Lazer decided to combine all elements of a high-performance helmet and push each feature as far as possible. It is the lightest helmet Lazer ever made without sacrificing style, safety, or comfort. The Z1 sports the looks of a contemporary high-performance road helmet with an integrated wing on the top of the helmet.

Additionally the MIPS system adds an additional safety aspect by introducing a low friction layer into the helmet. This layer can move relative to the helmet helping to absorb the rotational forces in case of a crash. This does not interfere with the existing protective capabilities of the helmet, it just adds to them.

Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Store SKU
Flash Black / Large 05420078812445 BLU2167881243
Flash Orange / Large 05420078809919 BLU2167880991
Matte Black / Large 05420078812476 BLU2167881246 20770
White Silver / Large 05420078812414 BLU2167881240
Flash Black / Medium 05420078812438 BLU2167881242
Flash Orange / Medium 05420078809902 BLU2167880990
Matte Black / Medium 05420078812469 BLU2167881245 20769
White Silver / Medium 05420078812407 BLU2167881239
Flash Black / Small 05420078812421 BLU2167881241
Flash Orange / Small 05420078809896 BLU2167880989
Matte Black / Small 05420078812452 BLU2167881244 20768
White Silver / Small 05420078812391 BLU2167881238
Matte Flash Orange White / Small 05420078830630 BLU2177883063
Matte Flash Orange White / Medium 05420078830647 BLU2177883064
Matte Flash Orange White / Large 05420078830654 BLU2177883065

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