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KS LEV Seatpost


LEV Seatpost

$394.99 - $449.99
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KS LEV Seatpost

On any trail, on almost any bike, you can open up a whole new world of flow with Kind Shock's LEV Seatpost. This lightweight dropper post lets you lower your saddle on the fly so you can blast steep, techy lines without hesitation then pop it back up and climb away. All without missing a beat. Slammed down or fully extended, the cable always stays in the same spot, just below the center collar. Plus, the two-bolt seat rail clamp allows for tons of adjustability and the carbon remote boasts an inline barrel adjuster and the clamp doubles as an ODI Lock-On grip collar (grips sold separately).

Features and Information

  • Adjustment range: 100mm (27.2 x 400mm, 30.9 x 350mm, 31.6 x 350mm)
    125mm (30.9 x 385mm, 31.6 x 385mm)
    150mm (30.9 x 435mm, 31.6 x 435mm)
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • The remote clamp doubles as an ODI Lock-On grip collar (grip sold separately).
Option Manufacturer's Part Number
Black/Silver / 30.9mm / 350mm / N/A / 100mm KD3051
Black/Silver / 31.6mm / 350mm / N/A / 100mm KD3052
Black/Silver / 27.2mm / 400mm / N/A / 100mm KD3041
Black/Silver / 30.9mm / 385mm / N/A / 125mm KD3053
Black/Silver / 30.9mm / 435mm / N/A / 150mm KD3055
Black/Silver / 31.6mm / 385mm / N/A / 125mm KD3054
Black/Silver / 31.6mm / 435mm / N/A / 150mm KD3056

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