We are proud to announce the merger of two great organizations, North Valley Bicycles and Trailhead Bike Café. Trailhead is now under the ownership of Geoff and Eric Wasson, The Wasson Family has close to 50 years of bicycle racing experience spanning 2 generations. Geoff began his love of cycling in 1970 while attending Law School at The University of Denver in a way to cope with PTSD after serving in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. Geoff raced on the road through the 1970’s before taking up Triathlon’s in 1983. Eric quickly followed in his father’s footsteps finishing second overall in the inaugural Denver Capitol Federal Iron Kids Triathlon at age 7. Eric continued his junior career in road and mountain bike racing as off season training for Alpine Ski Racing, with multiple wins in the Colorado Off Road Points Series (CORPS) and winning the Summit Mountain Challenge Series, Summit County Colorado in 1994.

Geoff continued his love of cycling participating in many 1 week tours, Ride The Rockies, Tour of Colorado, RAGBRI (the week long tour across Iowa which EVERY rider who does week long tours MUST DO) and in 2006 three one week tours back to back to back, the Tour de Kota (South Dakota), The Tour of the North Woods in Wisconsin and finally the GRABAAWR, aka The Great Annual Bicycling Adventure Along the Wisconsin River (Could they be stealing a bit of name from RAGBRI?). Eric rekindled his passion for bike racing while living abroad in the Philippines and in the process founded Off The Front Cycling to import Karbona Bicycles and Components from Taiwan

In 2014 after seeing all of the bike shops in North Phoenix re-locate or close. The Wasson Family saw the opportunity to open North Valley Bicycles located at, Cave Creek and Union Hills. The goal of North Valley was to open a “Destination Neighborhood Bike Shop” catering to all levels of the sport from $200 cruisers and kids bikes to the most cutting edge race machines 10,000 plus. February 2015 North Valley Bicycles opened its doors. We saw wonderful growth almost overnight with Core Values focusing on Customer Service, and catering to the specific needs of our customers and there bicycling budget. We are eager to bring our business model of customer service to Trailhead Bike Café.

We are excited about the New Brands we will be bringing to Trail Head, In addition To Pivot, Felt, and Haro. We are proud to announce the Roll Out of Bianchi, Kona, Fuji, SE Bikes, and Kestral, to name a few.
Beginning Wednesday July 5th we will be resuming Trailheads earlier Café hours serving the previous Coffee Menu.

Coffee Menu open to Close.

Food Menu open till 2:30

Bike Service Hours 10:00 to Close.

Bike Pick Up and Drop Off Open to Close 7 days a week.

Summer Hours:

Monday-Friday 8-7; Saturday 8-5; Sunday 8-3

In the Coming weeks we will begin phasing in more food Items. We welcome all to comment on what food Items they would like to see return, and what you like as a pre-ride, mid-ride, and post-ride entrée or snack.


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